People driving Honda 125 cc mini dirt bikes in Jaco Costa Rica

Mini Dirt Bikes Track & Tour in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

WOW THIS IS A BLAST! 125cc Honda Mini Dirt Bikes... After some safety instructions, and a few minutes of practice, you can have 2 x 20 minutes of light racing (private) with your friends on a closed circuit track..

If you are looking for an enduro dirt bike tour near Jaco Costa Rica then check out this private atv tour to waterfall which can be done on dirt bikes, ATVs or side by side vehicles. If you would like to rent a scooter, electric bike, dirt bike or ATV for private use, give us a call or send us a message and we will set it up for you.


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Jaco VIP concierge peace on Honda mini dirt bike
Guide with young rider on mini dirt bike
Orientation and safety instructions
Safety instructions for mini dirt bikes tour
Guide placing helmet on girl in Costa Rica
Girl on mini dirt bike in costa rica

Orientation, Equipment and Safety Instructions

Once you arrive at the base camp which is approximately 15 minutes from Jaco (transportaion is included) there will be a basic orientation with safety instructions. You will be fitted with a helmut, and the guides will carefully explain how to operate the motorbikes.

These mini dirt bikes can be driven in automatic mode (3rd gear) until you are comfortable enough to start switching gears manualy.

Your guides will do their best to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. The landscape of this track has small inclines and declines, tight hairpin curves, and straightaways where you could drive faster. Keep in mind, this track is designed for drivers of all levels including beginers.

Getting ready for mini dirt bike racing in Costa Rica
Overhead view of riders on mini dirt bike track
Drone photo of group of people getting ready to race
Long starting line on dirt track
Girls on dirt bikes in costa rica
Getting ready to race

Driving Skill Levels and Comfort Zone

Beginner? No problem - just tell the guides! Guides will take the time to explain everything you need to know, and give you plenty of time to practice so you can be comfortable driving on the dirt track.

Driving fast or recklesly is not permited and the tour operator reserves the right to remove any unfit drivers. If you are looking for a more advanced tour with experienced riders, let us know and we can set this is up for you in advance.

Advanced drivers looking for something more challenging? Let us know in advance!

Wide angle view of starting and finish line
Direct over head drone photo of winding dirt race track
Mountains and jungle in Costa Rica
Corner angle aerial of dirt race track
People driving mini dirt bikes in Costa Rica
Drone photo of dirt bike track

Private race track on the edge of a rain forest.

This track is only 15 minutes from Jaco and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It is common to see exotic birds and wildlife in the area.

Group of people racing mini dirt bikes on muddy track
Mud splashing from dirt bike race
Girl driver and boy driver on mini dirt bikes
Back side of motorbikes with dust
back side of mini dirt bikes racing
2 people on track
Cross view of hairpin turn
Turning around a very muddy curve
Close up of girl on mini dirt bike in Costa Rica
Dirt bikes
Racing on dirt bikes
Going up and out of muddy patch in dirt track
Around the bend on mini dirt bikes
Taking a curve
Girl in black sun screen shirt
Young woman on mini dirt bike track and tour in costa rica

Getting wet and dirty in Costa Rica.

Depending on on the season and amount of rain, parts of the track can be very dusty or super muddy. Either way you are getting dirty!

DIrty after tour
Finish line
Bachelor party group gaving a beer after tour
Group of guys dirty after tour in costa rica