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Tours and excursions in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco VIP list of the TOP tours and excursions in Jaco Beach Costa Rica.

Jaco Beach is the top destination in Costa Rica for daytime activities, tours, excursions and nightlife all in one town. When you book with Jaco VIP we will introduce you to the best, safest and most consistent tour operators in the area. Along with coordinating your vacation rentals with vip services and transportation, Jaco VIP will also arrange your tours and excursions at great rates.

The Costa Rica Adventure Tour Experience

There are many very cool things to do in Jaco Beach while you are here on vacation. In order to see a little more jungle, nature and rural areas we recommend ATV tours, zip lining, white water rafting, day trip to Tortuga Island, visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, and the crocodile river tours just to name a few. These are some of the activities and day trips that we offer to our guests staying in Jaco Beach and Los Sueños Marina area.

We have carefully chosen local tour operators.

The tour operators we endorse have proven themselves with consistent quality, well trained guides and courteous staff, and a solid record for safety. We have built relationships with them over the years and now offer only the best tours to our guests. These are the very best excursions and tours to waterfalls, rainforests, national parks, volcanoes, rivers and incredible tropical beaches. These tours provide the perfect mix of exhilaration, relaxation, safety, and all-round good times!

Group of people on private party boat rental in Jaco Costa Rica

Private Party Boats

These charters are PRIVATE for your group only and not public tours. Once aboard your Private Party Boat the captain will take you on a cruise along the Pacific Coast or to Tortuga Island. Invite some friends, bring some tunes (or hire a DJ), check out a secluded beach, have some drinks, jump in the ocean...

$ 1,750 / half day charter (starting price)

Group of guys posing in front of waterfall in Jaco Costa Rica

ATV Waterfall Tour

Starting location is less than 15 minutes from Jaco. This is a privately guided tour of off-roading and tropical scenery. Drive an ATV, side by side, or dirt bike into the jungle, along gravel roads, across rivers, and through small towns to a private waterfall where you can climb to the top and jump into the natural pool below...

$ 120 / Person

Pretty girl on zip line in Jaco Costa Rica

10 Zip Lines + 3 Hanging Bridges + 1 Tarzan Swing

Located less than 15 minutes from Jaco Beach and Los Sueños Marina, this tour includes 10 Zip Lines with 12 platforms, plus 3 Hanging Bridges and a Tarzan Swing! Don't miss this great opportunity to see some stunning Costa Rica scenery as you soar through the jungle.

$ 65 / Person

Combo tour with zip lines and atv to waterfall

ATV & Zip Line Combo

Located less than 15 minutes from Jaco, this popular combo tour includes the same ziplines as above (with 3 Hanging Bridges and 1 Tarzan Swing) combined with a 2 hour ATV tour that stops at a waterfall.

$ 115 / Person

Guy on Vista Los Sueños zipline canopy tour in Costa Rica

Zipline Canopy Tour

Located less than 15 minutes from Jaco Beach this tour consists of 10 zipline cables and offers breathtaking vistas of Los Sueños marina as well as the Gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. This popular and highly rated zipline canopy tour was designed for safety, ecology and exhilarating fun for all.

$70 / Person

Group of people on mini dirt bikes in Jaco Costa Rica

Mini Dirt Bikes

Less than 15 minutes from Jaco center. 125cc Honda Mini Dirt Bikes fun for all. Safety instructions, practice, plus approximately 40 minutes of driving/light racing with your friends on a closed circuit track....

$75 / Person

Group of people white water rafting in Costa Rica

White Water Rafting

Approximately 1 hour from Jaco, travel to remote back country for one of Costa Rica's most exhilarating river rides. These privately guided white water rafting tours are usually on class 2, 3 or 4 rapids, depending on the options available...

$75 - $95 / Person

Group of people taking surf lessons with instructors on Jaco Beach

Surf Lessons

Right here on Jaco Beach. It's cool, easy and a blast! Even if you have never surfed before, you can experience the rush and joy of standing on your surf board usually within the first lesson...

$ 55 / Person

GIrl on mountain bike near waterfall in Jaco Costa Rica

Mountain Bike to Waterfall

Located aproximately 15 minutes from Jaco Beach or Los Sueños Marina, this mountain bike tour begins with a recreational ride through some jungle trails, private farms and along a small stream. The destination is a wonderfall waterfall where you can jump into the water to swim and cool down before continuing on the adventure.

$ 55 / Person

Group of guys on a waterfall rappeling tour near Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Waterfall Rappeling & Canyoning

Approximately 20 minutes from Jaco. Latest and safest gear from the USA. After orientation, hike with a naturalist guide into the canyon [20 minutes]. At the top of a 300’ waterfall you will begin your descent by rappeling down the face of 4 waterfalls from 60-90 feet each! Then "zip-out" on 2 long Canopy Ziplines...

$ 105 / Person

Girl paragliding in tandem with guide above Jaco Beach Costa Rica


Locaterd only 10 minutes away in the lush tropical mountains surrounding Jaco Beach. No experience necessary! Fly tandem with a pro pilot for 20 - 30 minutes depending on conditions. This adventure provides a unique opportunity to experience the sensation of free flight and offers breathtaking views of Jaco Beach and the landscape below.

$ 130 - 160 / Person

White sand beach at Tortuga Island in Costa Rica

Tortuga Island Day Trip

Board the 55 foot air-conditioned catamaran at Los Sueños Marina (20 minutes from Jaco). Luxurious family style day trip to Tortuga Island where you can enjoy ocean activities and lounge on the white sand beach.

$ 150 / Person

Guy with monkey in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park

Approximately 1 hour from Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio is the most popular National Park in Costa Rica with nature hikes, wildlife, and pristine white sand beaches. Careful with your bananas when you hang out on the beach, monkeys have been known help themselves to your lunch!

$ 450 for up to 6 people + $75 per each additional person.

Guy feeding crocodile at Tarcoles River tour

Crocodile River Tour

Approximately 30 minutes from Jaco Beach, Tarcoles River is known for it's abundant wildlife including large crocodiles and a great opportunity to see a wide variety of exotic tropical bird species.

$ 68 / Person