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Jaco Beach Costa Rica Nightlife Party Girl with 1967 Camaro

It's Hot in Jaco! The Wild Side of Costa Rica Nightlife.

Jaco Beach is the epi-center of Costa Rica's nightlife. The party scene is regularly expanding with new dance clubs, beach bars and trendy restaurants offering live music or DJ sets. Back in the day, Jaco was a sleepy surfer town with dirt roads and rice & beans restaurants... but in the last 15 years Jaco Beach has grown into having the hottest nightlife scene, and the undisputed reputation as party capital of Costa Rica!

2023 Guide to the Best Nightlife in Jaco Beach.

The nightlife in Jaco is off the charts. Tourists vacation in Jaco from all over the world, as well as many locals from the capital city of San Jose, who come to enjoy the beach and of course the clubs, bars and party scene. It is common to see groups of guys on a Costa Rica bachelor party or a group of ladies together for a bachelorette party, as well as sport fishing tournaments, business / corporate retreats, and all kinds of family vacations.

🍸 Republik Lounge

The most popular club for VIP tables and bottle service is without a doubt Republik Lounge in the center of Jaco. It is located inside of the newly renovated Blue Marlin Hotel and boasts the best DJs, sound system and light show in town.

Republik Lounge female staff in matching pink shirts
Dance floor and DJ at Republik Lounge in Jaco Costa Rica
group of guys with concierge in front of Republik
Daytime view of pool bar at Republik

The entire club was recently built from the ground up and opened it's doors in March 2022. Everything is brand new and well laid out. The main interior area has 2 bars, plenty of vip tables and a dance floor in the center. Brand new state of the art sound system and modern LED light show has inspired DJs to come to Jaco Beach from all over the country just to play at this club.

The exterior of Republik lounge includes a large pool bar with covered vip areas as well as plenty of tables and chairs around the swimming pool. Among the many things to do in Jaco during the day, swing by Republik to take a dip in the pool, have a fancy cocktail and get a bite to eat. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are especially vibrant with resident and guest DJs spinning tunes pool side.

🎰 Cocal Casino

The most famous (or maybe notorious) nightlife in Costa Rica is at the Cocal Hotel and Casino which is a few steps away from Republik, on the beach, and smack in the center of Jaco. Aside from being a popular casino and hotel, the outdoor pool bar area (aka Frog's Bar) is party central. On some nights there is a live Latin music duo. The party usually gets started pretty early, and is not for the faint at heart.

At the Cocal Casino with concierge
Group of guys with jaco vip concierge at the cocal in jaco
Jaco Costa Rica nightlife at the Cocal Casino
At the bar with concierge and group

Although Cocal is technically on the beach, and could fit in the "beach bar" section below, it is also an adults-only party scene which is not suitable for everyone.

More Night Clubs in Jaco Center

There are a few new bars that have popped up in the last couple of years (since covid shut down a few of the old ones), some of which will find a niche and stay open, and others will also be closed within a few months... Below is a short list of some of our favorites.

Beach Bars

Happy Hour Sunset Views! Hanging out on the beach with toes in the sand and a beer in hand is a very popular way to spend the golden hour in Jaco. There are some fantastic beach bars in Jaco with ocean and sunset views.

🍹 Koko Gastro Bar

This popular beachfront restaurant, can be accessed by walking along the beach, or at the end of the only dirt road left in Jaco! Koko has amazing food and at reasonable prices. They make a great breakfast, and always have fresh tuna (try the tuna bowl). They offer a good selection of local beers and some great snacks.

Chef Julian at Koko Gastro Bar in Jaco Beach
Food and drinks on table with ocean view
Jaco Beach sunset at Koko
Group of grls at Koko in Jaco

Koko occasionally has live music, but not a full band, usually a duo... and sometimes a DJ. Although it gets very busy and with an upbeat vibe, it's not that loud. This is a great place to enjoy beachront, while having good food, drinks and conversation.

🍹 El Point

El Point is another popular beachfront restaurant bar in Jaco with very good food and exceptional sunset views. They have a diverse menu from healthy meals to bar snacks as well as a decent selection of beers and premium alcohol. Perhaps a little more pricey, but not really.. still reasonable.

View of El Point with people sitting at tables from Jaco Beach
Overhead close up of salad with fish
Female DJ spinning tunes at El Point in Jaco Beach
People eating at drinking at sunset

Very popular place for lunch and happy hour. Sometimes they have a DJ in the evening. Great tuna dishes (always fresh) and exceptional seafood platter with lobster.

More Restaurant Bars on the Beach...

Aloha, Mahi Mahi and Tiki Bar at the South end of town. Clarita's at the north end. Near the center is Malecon, Jaco Hotel and also The Tangeri, all of which you can grab a snack and a drink while watching the sunset.

Craft Beer & Live Music

🍺 The Green Room

If you are looking to catch some live music... The Green Room is an artsy urban oasis in the center of town. Located right next to Republik Lounge, this is a popular place to grab a bite to eat before heading out to party. Great open air vibe, with artisan food, mixology drinks, wide selection of craft beer (try the mango beer), decent wine list, and live music every night of the week.

Live music at Green Room Cafe in Jaco Beach
Waiter serving food at Green Room
Overhead view of many bocas dishes
DJ at the Green Room in Jaco

Green Room has a great selection of breakfast dishes (not for early birds - they open at 10am). Excellent choices for lunch (try the casadito) and a good place to bring the laptop to catch up on some emails or get a little work done at the same time.

🍺 Jaco Bar

Located on Main Street (Calle Pastor Diaz) in the center of town, this second floor hot-spot is small but packs them in. Either with a small live band or a DJ, there is often a good time here. The food and drinks are resonably priced.

Outside view of Jaco Bar from Main Street
Girl waiving from crowd at Jaco Bar
Dj with colorful wall behind him
Behind the bar at Jaco Bar

Jaco Bar has vert good happy hour specials. Some delicious bar food and finger foods. Premium alcohol and craft beer available.

More Restaurant Bars in Jaco Center...

Also on main street in the center of town, Mono Verde has good food and drinks with an axcellent selection of in-house pastries and deserts. Chicanos is a trendy Mexican food restaurant. Jaco Walk is an open air "mall" with a decent selection of restaurants where you can get some drinks.

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Jaco Beach Nightlife with vintage car and mustache dude
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Party-Friendly Vacation Rental Villas

Bring the nightlife home! Jaco VIP offers the largest selection of luxurious party friendly Vacation Rental Villas and condos in Jaco Beach. Althought there are obviously limits, this is not a frat house where you can go crazy and hang from the chandeliers, but more like an opportunity to bring the nightlife scene home so that you and your guests can have a private party with DJ, bartender and chef service.

Bartender at Rancho de Sueños
Group of guys cheers at Casa Ponte 2
DJ at vacation rental villa
Dance party at the villa

Many of the vacation villas we offer have a private party room included as part of the property. This is ideal if you want to hire a DJ and have the feeling of a real club at home. For the villas that do not have a dedicated party room, the main living room area is the perfect option.

👙 Throw a Pool Party at your Villa

Ok now we're talking about a little nightlife during the day! A Jaco VIP Chef can grill up some burgers and fresh tuna, while a bartender makes mojitos and serves up cold beers to keep the party flowing.

Group concierge by the pool
Group playing water volleyball in the pool at rancho de suenos
Jaco VIP DJ Service for a pool party
group of people in bathing suits driking shots by the pool

You can play music from you phone to a bluetooth device... or good way to step it up a notch... A Jaco VIP DJ can be hired to rock the pool party, spinning your favorite tunes!

🛥️ Rent a Private Party Boat

Why party just anywhere... when you can party on a boat! The Jaco VIP Private Party Boat is an awesome and popular daytime party activity. Currently there are 4 different boats to choose from. This is a great way to spend some time on the water, jump in the ocean, visit a private beach and party with your friends and family.

50 foot party boat with guests aboard
Group of guys on a party boat for a bachelor party in Costa Rica
Sailboat catamaran at private beach
DJ on board for private party boat

There are half day and full day charters available. The half day is perfect with 4 hours of cruising up and down the coast around Jaco Beach and Los Sueños Marina, with a couple of stops at some secluded beaches. The full day charter is ideal if you want to have a private boat take you to Tortuga Island so that you can enjoy the island activities as well as check out the quiet beaches where tourist boats don't go.

In Conclusion...

🔥 Jaco Beach has the best Nightlife in Costa Rica!

There are some good discos/casinos/clubs in San Jose, but they are far apart from each other, and in some cases sketchy neighborhoods.

Tamarindo is a nice beach town with some good beach bars and restaurants. It is far from the airport and a small town with far less amenities.

Jaco Beach is a vacation destination that caters to both international tourists and local weekenders looking for tropical paradise with plenty of daytime activities and a vibrant nightlfe scene. It is less than an hour and a half from the airport, and loaded with pretty much everything you could possibly want while on vacation in Costa Rica.