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Surf Lessons in Jaco Beach Costa Rica.

Jaco Beach is the perfect place to learn to surf!

With average water tempertures at around 78° Fahrenheit, long and slow rolling waves, and local instructors with years of experience in this region, your first surfing lesson in Costa Rica will more than likely result in you standing on your surfboard within your first lesson!

When you visit Jaco Beach, learning how to surf is one of the top experiences in the area. Experience the thrill of standing on your surf board usually within the first lesson! Jaco Beach is well known for many attractions including a tropical paradise for surfing. The beach is long with uncrowded waves and the town is laid-back, with an authentic Pura Vida vibe.

From beginners to intermediate level surfers, we have instructed thousands of happy students and visitors with world class professional lessons. The instructors are bilingual (English and Spanish) and have years of experience in these local waters.

Before entering the water, you will be given instructions including basic techniques, and how to read the waves.


Basic Details and Information about Surf Lessons.


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Surf lessons learning to pop up with instructor on beach
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Orientation, Equipment, Safety Instructions... and stepping into the warm ocean...

The first step after arriving to the beach, is to be fitted with an appropriately sized surf board and ankle leash, as well as a rash guard (UV protection short sleeved shirt) to protect your skin.

All beginner surf lessons start out on the beach with an introduction to water safety, how to paddle, popping up, standing on the board and ocean awareness which will teach you how to read the waves. Once the basics are covered you will be hosted at all times by an instructor while in the ocean.

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Surf instructor and student walking into the ocean in Costa Rica
Surf lessons in jaco beach
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Jaco Beach has the perfect conditions for surf lessons

The water is quite shallow for long-distance and the average temperature here is warm, ranging between 81°F (27.2°C) in February and 76°F (24.4°C) in September. The waves are slow and calm. You will get a long wave ride all year round. The surf is known for its long rolling break. This Surf School in Jaco Beach is the perfect place for beginner surfers and kids to learn to surf.

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Girl learning to surf in Costa Rica
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Girl taking surf lessons in Jaco Costa Rica
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Different surf lessons for different levels of surfers.

Are you a novice surfer? Maybe you surfed a few times, can get up on the wave, but not sure if you fall into the beginner or intermediate surf lessons category. Let us explain the difference between novice, beginner and intermediate surf lessons.

First Time Surfer:

Your first surf lesson. A newby surf lesson will include the full safety explanation along with the different techniques on how to “pop up”. From there your instructor will take you out to ride your first waves in the white water rolling waves. The surf lesson will focus on getting the basics down with the objective to have you up and riding your first waves!

Beginner Surfer:

A beginner surfer is someone who has maybe surfed a few times (perhaps several years ago) with little success, or has never taken an actual surf lessons to learn the important basics. A beginner surf lesson will focus on mastering your pop up and work towards standing up and comfortably riding white water waves on a regular basis.

Intermediate Level Surfer:

At this level, your instructor will focus on teaching you techniques for getting out past the breaking waves, and paddling into waves from the line up. Esentially an advance course on learning to read the waves. If you are already comfortable with these techniques, your instructor will focus on turning and riding up and down the waves.

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Costa Rica bachelor party group taking surf lessons in Jaco Beach
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