White Water Rafting River Tour near los Sueños and Jaco Beach Costa Rica

White Water Rafting near Jaco Beach Costa Rica.

This is the most popular Costa Rica Adventure & Adrenaline Tour!

Experience the thrill of white water rafting through Costa Rica's lush tropical jungle and scenic rain forest. Both the Naranjo River and Savegre River are among the most beautiful landscapes in the country as they border Manuel Antonio National Park with pristine river water, palm tree farms and small towns.

Put on your helmet and get ready to experience the thrill of Costa Rica's most popular adventure tour. There are a couple options available making this tour accessible for beginners as well as those with previous experience. Please read the descriptions below to have a better understanding of the options.

Base camp is located approximately 60 minutes from Jaco Beach and Los Sueños, and although transportation to the site is not included in the listed price, we will organize this for you at a very reasonable rate ($30/person) for your group of 6 or more people.

Previous experience is not always required, however good physical condition and strong swimming skills are important. Friendly and professional bilingual guides will provide you with a local perspective, safety training, and get you outfitted with all the necessary equipment for your ride.

Riding nearby your raft will be a kayaker for added support and safety.


Basic Details and Information about this excursion.


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White water rafting guide giving orientation and safety instructions
River rafting guide sitting on edge of raft and giving orientation instructions to guests
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Jaco VIP Concierges and guests getting ready for white water rafting
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Orientation, Equipment and Safety Instructions.

The first step once arriving to the base camp, is to be fitted with the necessary gear and equipment. You will be supplied with life jacket, helmet and a paddle. After some brief but concise safety instructions, there will be some time to practice before getting ready to board the 6 passenger rafts.

Each raft includes a professional guide who will provide instructions throughout the journey. For additional safety, a kayaker will accompany your group close by.

Rafting the Savegre River.

The Savegre River is rated one of the cleanest rivers in all of Costa Rica. This section of the rafting journey is generally Class II (2) or Class III (3) rapids with a combination of easy paddling and a few white water adrenaline thrills through some sharp turns and curves. There is one section of the river where you could jump off the raft and enjoy a swim in the calm river water.

Additional Information:

Drone photo of Savegre River in Costa Rica
Overhead view of rafts on river
Drone photo of white water rafting river Savegre in Costa Rica near Jaco Beach
Savegre River in Costa Rica
Family group on raft while white water river rafting
Rafting on Savegre River
Blue raft and yellow paddles rafting
Family on rafting tour in Costa Rica
Group on raft in Savegre River white water
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Guys on blue river raft with red life jackets and yellow paddle oars
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White water rafting tour in costa rica
Guys on rafting tour
Family on river raft in calm waters
Waterfall into river
Large family group sitting on waterfall rocks
In the river in front of waterfall

The Naranjo River Rafting Experience

Bordering the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park, the Naranjo River flows through pristine mountain landscapes, jungle gorges, working farmlands, and palm tree plantations. Typically rated as Class III (3) and occasionally class IV (4) rapids combining adrenaline and natural beauty throughout the season.

The journey is often steep and quick offering challenging conditions. Approximately halfway through the tour, there is an area with calm waters where everyone can take a break and admire the view before continue the adrenaline rush rapids. Once again towards the end of the tour, the river's flow lessens allowing to take in the sights and see many species of birds while cruising over the last few rapids.

The Naranjo is a wild and often changing river. This rafting tour is geared towards the physically fit experienced rafters who are comfortable with Class III and class IV rapids.

Additional Information:

Family group rafting on Naranjo River in Costa Rica
White water rafting with lush green tropical scenery
Blue raft with red life jackets and yellow paddles
Moving fast on river rafting tour near Jaco Beach
Paddles p in the air during rafting tour
Rafting guide with group on the river
Going through turbulent water
Fast moving river
Challenging white water rafting tour
Exhilerating river rafting
Close up of river rafting
Large splash during river rafting tour
Deep splash during rafting tour
White water rafting near Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

El Chorro is an advanced Class IV Rapids section of the Naranjo River.

The Chorro section of the Naranjo River starts in the small mountain village of Esquipulas. The rafting experience carves deep into the river’s exposed bedrock with approximately 3 kilometers (2 miles) of navigating through a scenic gorge with exhilerating steep drops and fast turns through many technical narrows and chutes.

Your guide will assist in maneuvering through the challenging boulders and bends while a backup kayaker will be near by. Inbetween the rushes of adrenaline take a moment to admire the lush tropical jungle around you as this river borders the Manuel Antonio National Park.

This is one of the most incredible rafting tours in all of Costa Rica and highly recommended by those who have been rafting all over the world, but keep in mind the difficulty level is considered "HIGH".

Additional Information:

White water rafting the Chorro section of river
Tropical scenery on river rafting tour in costa rica
Large boulders in river
River raft on its side
BLue water during rafting tour
Steep drop during river rafting tour
Raft on edge of steep drop in river
Big splash during rafting tour
White water and grey boulders
Rafting through river canyon in costa rica
Vertical raft during river rafting tour
Large splash and lots of white water
Grey boulder canyon in river
Narrow river canyon during white water rafting tour in Costa RIca
Raft up against grey boulder shoulder
Tropical river rafting in costa rica
Calm aqua marine river water
Raft on boulder in middle of river
People swimming in calm river water
Close up of people in river and rafts in the background
People on blue raft during calm river
Costa Rica Waterfall during river rafting tour

Deep in Nature

Beautiful scenery throughout.

These rafting tours are very popular with both bachelor party groups as well as families looking to experience some adrenaline and to see some of Costa Rica's pristine jungle surroundings. It is common to see a large variety of river birds.

Close up of small tropical bird with red beak and red belly
Large flock of river birds flying over river in costa rica
Long neck river bird
Bright red bird on tree branch
Sloth on river side tree
Toucan on a tree in Costa Rica
Yellow flowers on a large tree in Costa Rica
Two wild hogs hugging on a field