Zip line canopy tour near los Sueños and Jaco Beach Costa Rica

The Most Popular Zip Line Canopy Tour near Jaco Beach & Los Sueños Costa Rica.

This is the Perfect Costa Rica Adventure Tour!

Experience the thrill of flying through a lush tropical forest on a zipline excursion less than 15 minutes from Jaco Beach and Los Sueños Marina. Trek through the treetops in an adventure park featuring a series of 10 thrilling ziplines and 12 platforms. Expert instructors and guides are with you on every platform to ensure everyone’s safety while cruising across the course.

Put on your helmet, fasten your harness, and get ready to experience the thrill of Jaco's most popular tour and adventure. Ideal for (almost) all ages and skill levels. Whether you've been on zipline tours around the globe or this is your first time, you will have a blast!

This is the best and most popular zipline canopy tour in the area, with incredible vistas of los sueños and the pacific ocean. This excursion includes 10 cables with 12 platforms and a total cable distance of 11,483 feet (3.5 kilometers), among them the longest cable in the area at 2400 feet (3/4 of a kilometer).

No experience is necessary. Friendly and professional bilingual guides will provide you with a local perspective, safety training, and get you outfitted with all the necessary equipment for your ride.


Basic Details and Information about this excursion.


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Guide at zipline canopy tour helping guest put on harness
long run of zipline harnesses hanging
Harness, helmet and gloves for zipline tour
Guests with gear ready for zipline tour

Orientation, Equipment, Safety Instructions... and a Tractor Ride...

The first step after arriving and checking in, is to be fitted with the necessary gear and equipment. You will be supplied with gloves, a helmet and a harness which will be adjusted and checked by the staff. After the safety instructions and gear fitting, the guides and instructors will give you all the explanations needed to stay safe and comfortable during the tour.

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS with a 15 minute ride to the top of the mountain aboard a custom designed tractor and trailer. You will see some excellent views of Los Sueños Marina, the town of Herradura and the pacific ocean.

Tractor driving up mountain side with ocean view in the backgroundr
Close up of blue tractor with zipline tour guides and guests
Bachelor party group in tractor on way to zipline tour
Guys on tractor at zipline tour

Soaring through the jungle.

When its time to get going, your guides will ensure that you are safely attached at all times, either to the tree and platform, or securely clipped onto the zipline. They also offer some friendly encouragement if you have any butterflies before letting go. Then soar like a bird (or maybe more like spider man?) above and through the forest canopy from one platform to the next.

Pretty girl with zipline tour guide adjusting her harness
Tour guide and guest on first zipline in costa rica
Guy on zipline with yellow helmet
Double cable zipline with incredible jungle views
Pretty girl on vista los suenos zipline canopy tour
Guy on zipline with arms and legs open
Guy smiling and having fun on tour
Guy with black pants and white helmet on zipline tour
Guy smiling on canopy tour
Pretty girl with white helmet on zipline canopy tour in costa rica
Distant view of platform in the jungle
Girl at a distance on a zipline

Upside Down Zipline and Awesome Photo Opportunities

Upside down is OPTIONAL - can be done regular way.

If you are going to bring a camera or cell phone, please make sure that it is securly attached to your wrist or body so as not to drop it. If you do drop anything, it is unlikely that you will be able to recover it!

There are a couple of platforms where your photo will be taken by the guides or a photographer (including the cable that you can do upside-down if you want), and a cd or thumb drive of your group will be available for purchase.

Guide helping with upside down
Girl Upside down with arms open
Guy Upside down with arms open
Pretty girl upside down on zipine canopy tour in jaco costa rica

12 Platforms.

Some of the platforms are nestlelled in thick vegetation where you will see HUGE leaves and on some of the platforms you will have incredible panoramic views of the ocean. You are always attached to the platform and majestic trees that support all.

three guys on platform
Five girls on a bachelorette party in Costa Rica
Guy looking over platform
View of pacific ocean from zipline platform
Overhead view of a group of people on platform
drone view of a guests on zipine platform

Certified zipline guides will share their expanded knowledge of the area’s natural and cultural history.

Designed and built within a towering forest on a private nature reserve, this elevated adventure is great way to see some of Costa Rica's lush and tropical jungle from above and within. It is common to see a wide variety of bird species including Scarlett Macaws and Tucans.

Close up of chestnut tucan
Two scarlet macaws flying over the jugle in costa rica
three toed sloth stretched out on a tree
View of los sueños marina and herradura bay

This is a must-do experience and adventure tour for groups of all kinds.

A wide variety of people and groups partake and enjoy this tour.

Families of nearly all ages, including small children in tandem with a guide. It is highly popular with bachelor party groups as well as groups of friends on vacation together who just want to experience a little bit of Costa Rica jungle without too much physical effort.

Large group of people on zipline platform
Bachelor party group after the zipline canopy tour
Large group of people after the zipline tour
Bachelor party group photo
Large group of guys posing after zipline canopy tour in costa rica
Jaco VIP gorup and concierge on zipline canopy tour
Family group after tour
Group of friends after the tour